At Orange County Breast, we offer an array of services to help patients achieve the beautiful breasts of their dreams. Some women desire larger breasts to help with their confidence and self-image while others want to lift droopy, sagging breasts that have occurred with pregnancy or age. Still others suffer from physical problems, such as back pain or skin rash from very large breasts and may desire a breast reduction.

  • A breast augmentation allows women to enlarge their breasts using silicone or saline implants. Many women struggle with self-confidence due to feeling as if their breasts do not fit with their body shape. This popular cosmetic surgery results in great self-image boosts for the majority of patients who undergo it. It is usually performed via a small incision underneath the dark areola surrounding the nipple but can also be performed through an incision around the belly button to prevent any scars on the breast itself.
  • A breast lift can be performed by itself or may be done along with a breast augmentation to help drooping breasts. The procedure can be performed in several different ways depending on the type of lift that is needed. Small breast lifts will only require a small incision at the top of the areola, which is called a crescent lift. Other types of lifts include the Vertical Breast Lift and the Inverted T.
  • A breast reduction is performed for women who suffer from a variety of problems associated with having very large breasts. Although it can provide a boost in confidence and self-esteem, this procedure is typically performed to allay physical concerns, such as back and neck pain and even problems with breathing. During the procedure, Dr. Tavoussi will remove fat and tissue from within the breast as well as the excessive skin around the breast to create a smaller breast that is structurally sound, and that fits better with one’s overall body proportions.
Each of these procedures is performed at our state-of-the-art surgery center. This gorgeous, modern facility provides same-day care as well as a welcoming atmosphere. Prior to any procedure, Dr. Tavoussi will meet with each patient at our facility in Newport Beach to explain the procedure and answer any questions that a patient may have. He can also provide digital computer imaging to show patients how their breast enhancement will look and can show pictures of patients who have undergone similar procedures.