Orange County and Newport Beach women who are considering breast lift surgery may also consider an Anchor breast lift procedure. This is a procedure that is being hailed as one of the most versatile applications within the breast life family of procedures. The improved versatility is seen in the fact that the anchor lift works well regardless of the amount of sag of the breasts. It also works well then dealing with extras skin such as experienced by those with sudden weight loss. So what makes the Anchor Breast Lift so popular with surgeons and patients? A number of factors do.

If you are considering a breast lift procedure, the anchor lift has a lot to offer. Is it the right type of breast lift procedure for you? That is a question that you and Dr. Tavoussi will need to answer.
There are certainly a lot of benefits that the procedure offers, but the resulting scarring might not be what you are looking for when the process is finished. There are other types of breast lift procedures that might be a better fit for your breast shape and for the goals that you have for considering breast reduction surgery. Consult with more than one plastic surgeon and then compare the results of those consultations. It might be that the anchor lift is perfect for you, or you may choose another type of procedure.

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