If you are an Orange County or Newport Beach woman considering a breast lift procedure, then the following information will help you understand how the procedure is performed. It should also provide you with some considerations that you can discuss with Dr. Tavoussi.

Before the Breast Lift Procedure

Patients usually have a choice of either general anesthesia or IV sedation. The choice of anesthesia will depend on many factors such as health, surgical risk, and hospital surgeon preference. Every surgery is performed in a hospital that is accredited surgical suite that can be located in a regular hospital or a surgical center such as a plastic surgery center.

There are several types of breast lift. You and Dr. Tavoussi will need to discuss which type of lift is best for you. The factors for making this determination involve goals, physical structure of your breasts, breast size and position, as well as physical characteristics such as the size of your areolas.


There is usually only light scarring around the areolas, and a fine line can sometimes be seen running from the center of the areolas down to the base of the breast. The main incision is located along the inframammary fold under the breast. The consensus is that most scars continue to fade over time. Again this is a topic that you should discuss in depth with Dr. Tavoussi.

Each breast lift candidate should be prepared to discuss the procedure with Dr. Tavoussi. Topics to bring up, if your doctor does not address them are:

  • Scarring: Ask to see pictures or have Dr. Tavoussi draw you a picture of where the scars are likely to be. Ask for a both an after surgery photo and a check up photo that is older. These will give you a better idea of who your breasts will look as time passes.
  • Recovery: Each patient is different so expect different recovery times. Ask the doctor about the recovery process so that you are prepared to deal with any issues.
Don’t be afraid to ask questions. The idea of a breast lift is sometimes different than the outcome. Because this surgery alters your body, be informed.

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