When surgeons perform breast reconstruction surgery, they have a few options from which to create a plan of treatment for Orange County and Newport Beach women.

Basic Breast Reconstruction Options

Reconstruction following loss in volume: If you breasts lost significant volume following a mastectomy or lumpectomy and you want to regain that volume the only real way to do that is by using a breast implant. The choices for implants include saline or silicone.

Reconstruction during Breast Reduction: If your breast reconstruction is occurring due to breast reduction surgery then, it is possible for your surgeon to use your skin, muscle and even fat during the reconstruction procedure.

Multiple Techniques: It is not uncommon for surgeons to use a combination of techniques to create a surgical plan that is perfect for your body.

Because the range of complexity with reconstructive surgery some are performed on an out-patient basis while others require inpatient hospitalization and recovery. The deciding factors are complicated and should be assessed on an individual basis. Be prepared to discuss these options with Dr. Tavoussi.

In some cases fat transfer techniques may be used to help replace lost volume. Dr. Tavoussi is the best person with which to discuss your full set of options. It is important to remember that few cases are identical. Everyone has a unique body and health status.
This is why it is important for you to be ready to discuss your options with Dr. Tavoussi. Be prepared to ask the hard questions it is part of your recovery process and it helps you find control again.

The Different Types of Breast Lift