The following four procedures are the basic options available for Breast Reconstruction. There is a large chance that Dr. Tavoussi may decide to combine procedures to provide you with the best possible outcome.

Natural Grafts – Skin Flap Surgery

This procedure works in a similar way to the ADM method. This is a procedure that is often used with patients who have undergone radiation treatment. The procedure uses a flap tissue from your body to act as a support for the tissue that was damaged or removed. Over time your body responds by slowly allowing tissue to grow in the area. The benefit is that the irradiated tissue is eventually replaced by healthy tissue and may allow a fat transfer to help replace lost volume.

Skin-Sparing Mastectomy

This is a procedure that removes the tumor and much of the breast structure including the nipple and areola. The skin, fat and some tissue remain and help to form the foundation and covering when an implant is used during reconstruction. There are also nipple reconstruction techniques that are performed when implants are inserted. The process is performed either during the implant procedure or as a secondary visit to Dr. Tavoussi. The areola can be recreated using a skin graft from a different area of your body or by tattooing pigment into the area around the reconstructed nipple.

Nipple-Saving Mastectomy

This procedure removes the tumor, fat and tissue that are affected by the cancer, but saves the skin, nipple and areola for use when reconstructive surgery begins. This will help to provide a natural looking breast after recovery. The fat transfer procedure can help to add your body fat to your breast as a means of increasing volume during reconstruction of your breast.

Orange County and Newport Beach women have many choices when it comes to breast reconstruction. Be prepared to discuss these options with Dr. Tavoussi before surgery. Something else to be aware of is that your body is unique.
Not every woman will benefit from these procedures. It may be a combination of procedures that produces the best outcomes and results for you. Understanding that process can help you address your concerns with Dr. Tavoussi.

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