In the “old” days, the only choice available for women who opted for breast augmentation was silicone implants. Today, there are a lot of choices available for the type of implant all of which benefit the patient. If you consider the overall goals of augmentation mammoplasty then having more choices will allow for better results. The exception is breast reduction surgery which rarely uses implants since the goal is to reduce the size and weight of naturally large breasts. So what are the choices available for breast surgery?

All of those choices, while good, also make it important that Orange County and Newport Beach women and men spend the time to consult with a qualified surgeon before choosing a breast implant option. The shape of your body and the overall goals of the procedure will highlight some of the better options for you. Things that you should be willing to discuss with your physician include your optimum breast size. This will help your doctor to inform you better about what the best implant option are as well as how the incisions will be made.

Again, much of the choices available to you boil down to what your ultimate goals are and which is the best type of surgery for your case. There is quite a bit of difference tween the outcomes so be sure to discuss all of your options with your doctor.
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